Houston Dog Bite Injury Lawsuits

By | April 17, 2018

“Who Let the Dogs Out,” is what everybody in a dog bit lawsuit is wondering, but no one more than your lawyer.  Your lawyer wants to know, “Who was negligent?  If you’re the careful owner, you are wondering why your sweet dog was so riled that she attacked and bit. If you the traumatized victim, you wonder why a dog that dangerous and unfriendly wasn’t on a leash and whether you’ll be scarred for life emotionally and physically.


Texas doesn’t have a dog bite law.  Instead, dog bite cases are personal injury claims, unless the bite(s) are so serious, by a dog known to be dangerous, that a criminal felony can be charged.  You need an attorney who is practiced in both civil and criminal litigation to represent you.

Texas Law and Dog Bite Injury Claims

Instead of a special dog bite law, Texas adopts a neutral approach and classifies dog bites with all other personal injury torts. This provides protection to dog owners of beloved pets who were aggravated and exhibited unusual behavior.   When personal injury attorneys, like Paul Morgan, defend dog owners, we know the other side must show the court two key things to prove their case:

  • that the owner negligently failed to leash or restrain the pet, and
  • that the owner also knew that the dog was dangerous.

On the other hand, Texas provides plenty of protection to victims of vicious, unprovoked dog attacks.  If you have been seriously injured and traumatized by a vicious dog attack by a dog known to be dangerous, you may bring criminal charges and seek a felony conviction.  The criminal charge does not preclude a simultaneous suit for personal injury compensation, up  to and including a wrongful death suit.

Complete Coverage Legal Representation

Filing a Dog Bite Injury Lawsuit in Houston? Call Paul

Whether you are the dog owner or the wounded victim, a lawyer will be there for you in your time of need.  The breadth of a law practice helps to understand the intense emotions and suffering of both the victim and the pet owner in these highly emotional cases.  A calm, knowledgeable and dispassionate approach helps anticipate and provide the best possible representation to you, whatever your needs, in a dog bite case.