Galveston DWI Wrecks & Personal Injuries

By | June 9, 2016

Criminal justice matters aside, drunk driving is a dangerous act that’s perpetrated by some of the most irresponsible adults among us. Time and time again we hop on Interstate 45 leaving Galveston, TX only to find out that traffic is backed up due to an unfortunate car accident. The worst of these car accidents almost always involve intoxicated drivers.

Once there’s a car accident involving a drunk driver, the accident scene becomes a crime scene, leading to traffic tie ups for hours.

Yes. Everyone’s late.

The Aftermath: Galveston DWI Related I-45 Car Wrecks

Once you’re able to step on the pedal again, and move on with your life, keep in mind that the lives of the people in your rear view mirror may be affected forever. Even though you’ve moved on, there’s a person behind you who is either dead or going to jail for a Galveston DWI, and others who are either dead or headed to the hospital to start the phase of dealing with a personal injury. Tad Nelson & Amber Spurlock, leading Galveston DWI defense lawyers, know this story all too well.

They’ve represented a many of Texans accused of drunk driving. Some guilty, some innocent. One thing is for-sure, when a person is injured due to the negligence of a drunk driver, the shit hits the fan even harder, making it important for all parties involved to take the necessary steps to insure that they’re properly managing their risks.

For the drunk driver, their risk is going to jail

For the injured, their risk is not being properly compensated for their hardship, injuries, loss of income, and suffering.

Even if you weren’t a driver, and don’t have insurance yourself, even a passenger has a claim against the insurance of the at-fault party. Whether you’re a driver, owner-operator, or not, seek the advice of competent legal counsel when you’re involved in a car accident.