My Friend Was Arrested for Cocaine

By | May 13, 2014

I remember a few years ago, during a trip to the south side of Houston, we were pulled over by police for a traffic violation. During the traffic stop the officers asked for identification for everyone that was present at the time. Us being good citizens, we complied with the request of the officer. During their review of our identification cards and drivers licenses, the found a warrant for the arrest of friend of mine in the computer system. During the arrest process, a ball of cocaine wrapped in plastic seems to have fallen out of the pant leg of the friend of mine who had the warrant.

He was looking at a new charge for the possession of cocaine.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think he had enough money to hire a criminal defense attorney in Houston, but he did manage to find a lawyer that got him off with a fine and probation.

Remember to know your passengers. I know he is a true friend because he didn’t attempt to stash the cocaine in my car and deny ownership. He took his case like a man. If he didn’t, I might be in jail for the possession of cocaine that I didn’t own or have knowledge of.