Arrested For A Sex Crime in Houston?

By | January 31, 2018

One of the worst types of felonies someone can get charged with is a crime involving sexual activity. Any criminal case involving sex comes with extra penalties and possibly federal charges. According to some Houston sex crimes lawyers, prosecutors in the Houston area always push for the maximum penalties for sex crimes.

Whenever you or a loved one is involved in a sex crime case, it is essential to seek legal representation. Prosecutors in Houston are tough on sex crime cases, so it is vital to find tough representation. An experienced sex crime lawyer in Houston will help defend you no matter what your plea in the case may be. If you feel you were wrongfully accused, then a good lawyer will help you find the best defense. The lawyers will work with you until the end of the trial, fighting by your side for the best outcome possible. If a plea deal is what you think is best for the case an experienced sex crime lawyer will come up with the best plea possible in your case.

Child Molestation Cases

Sex crimes involving children can come with the stiffest penalties of all of the felonies in the state of Texas. Child molestation cases can be devastating for you and your family. Sometimes the accused in child molestation cases is not guilty. It is possible for an experienced sex crimes lawyer to get your charges dismissed in court if the allegations are found to be false.

It is possible to face child molestation charges if you touch them with clothing on inappropriately or show them pornographic material. However, sometimes accusations of child molestation are false. Often false accusations come from one party in a divorce to use as reasoning to get full custody. No matter the case, if you are convicted of any crime involving child molestation, you will be facing serious penalties including prison time and expensive fines.

Penalties For Child Molestation

In the state of Texas, most crimes involving child molestation get classified as a second-degree felony. If you are convicted of a second-degree felony in Texas, you will be looking at 2 to 20 years in a Texas state penitentiary and up to a $10,000 fine. You will also be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. In some child molestation cases, the defendant may be charged with federal charges as well as state charges.

Call An Experienced Sex Crimes Lawyer In Houston

Being arrested for a sex crime can negatively impact you and your family in many ways. It is important to have an experienced lawyer represent you in court. You can tell them your story in the initial consultation, and they will figure out the best way to handle your case.